Monday, May 26, 2008

Is Nonviolence Relevant to the Struggle against Global Terrorism?

This clip is from a 28 minute educational DVD of a presentation by David Cortright 3/4/08 at Holy Trinity Lutheran Church in Minneapolis, MN. David's presentation was "Is Nonviolence Relevant to the Struggle against Global Terrorism?" His most recent book: "Uniting Against Terror: Cooperative Non-military Means of Countering the Global Terrorist Threat".
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Parke Burgess said...

Cortright makes a great point in this video, but I sure hope he had a lot more to say in the full 28-minute video than we see in this clip.

What people fail to see, in my experience, are the many ways in which nonviolence can operate to solve problems, including global terrorism. I hope Cortright spoke to this in some detail.

Finally, I think nonviolence has a much more radical potential than mere diplomacy, etc. Terrorism invariably results from some kind of oppression, and it is always the tool of the oppressed.

Perhaps we might take a good, long, hard look at that dynamic.